Fluorine chemical industry: take the initiative to cope with the challenge

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According to the report of the 18th national congress of the communist party of China (CPC), we need to take full control of the opportunities, take the challenge in a calm manner and win the initiative, win the advantage and win the future. At present, the fluorine chemical industry is in the midst of the opportunities and challenges, serious contradiction between excess capacity and insufficient supply of special historical period, how to successfully deal with challenges, to maintain sustained and healthy development of industry is the current must be under the big strength to do homework. 

Over the past decade, the fluorine chemical industry has experienced a rapid development phase, completed by fluorine chemical industry small and weak to power, the achievements of visible, fluorine chemical products production capacity, production in the world. Device but also bring disadvantages of high speed development, low level repeated construction, general product serious overcapacity, fluorite resource excessive consumption, the extensive mode has begun to restrict development of industry, the rapid development of the drive for the sustainable development of the industry Woefully inadequate. 

During the period of "11th five-year plan", investment overheating, capacity expansion, homogeneity, low-end industries such as deep-seated problems have emerged, but industry have insufficient understanding, attention degree is not high also, the new project is resource dependent more low level repeated construction, not only deepened the contradiction of excess production capacity, market competition more intense, and waste of resources, pollution of the environment. 

In fact, the problem of resource overconsumption and environmental pollution has been restricted to the sustainable development of industry. China's fluorite base reserves about 110 million tons, and the proven recoverable reserves are about 21 million tons, and the storage ratio is 7, which is far below the global reserve ratio of 44.5, which is in extreme overexploitation. There are fewer fluorite deposits, which affect the sustainable development of the industry. 

Environmental pollution is also same, fluorine chemical industry is a high-risk industry, to do a good job of environmental governance has not only limited to protect the environment, the significance of the benefit of one party and the people, through the recycling and utilization of the by-product of, also can improve the utilization rate of resources of enterprises, reduce the production cost, improve economic efficiency, and enhance the competitiveness of the enterprises. 

The report provides a clear direction for the sustainable health of the industry. The industry must take a long view, fundamentally adjust the industrial structure, transform the growth mode, combine the industry characteristics, and make a good future development plan. 

How to win the initiative and win the advantage? In the case of the fluorine chemical industry, it is especially necessary to be driven by technological innovation. Fluorine chemical industry for nearly 10 years of rapid development in our country is benefited from the past few decades in our country developed "rocket" in the process of the accumulation of a large number of independent research and development results, these results not only support the development of aerospace undertaking in our country, also for the fluorine chemical industry rapid development and dissemination of fluorine material in the field of civil laid a solid foundation. However, there are many enterprises in this day, especially those who have entered the fluorine chemical industry, which have little r&d investment, lack of independent innovation ability and lack of technical resources. In the long run, without the support of science and technology, the future development of the enterprise will be unsupported. 

To effectively transform the way of economic development, we need to form a new driving force for economic growth driven by structural optimization, efficiency improvement and innovation. The application of fluorine-containing chemicals and fluorine materials involves several strategic emerging industries and high-tech collars. Without the technology and products developed independently, we can only be under the control of others. In key areas, is not easily to the advanced foreign technology and high value-added products, to meet the domestic market of high-end demand, support energy conservation and environmental protection in our country, a new generation of information technology, biology, high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy, new materials, etc. The development of strategic emerging industries, fluorine chemical industry must be in technology and product research and development work, improve technology innovation ability. 

Therefore, we suggest that we should invest more in science and technology, improve the system of innovation, and ensure the continuous enrichment of scientific and technological resources. The second is to promote the construction of various forms of innovation system, such as the innovation strategic alliance, enterprise technology research and development center, industrial park science and technology innovation platform, etc. Three is to increase the high-end fluorine polymer, containing fluorine membrane materials, high quality containing fluorine meticulous chemicals (high purity electronic chemicals, containing fluorine surface active agent, containing fluorine intermediates, etc.) production technology development, the breakthrough of a batch of key generic technology; Four based fluorine chemical products is actively promote the use of advanced technology, speed up to promote energy saving, clean production and technical reconstruction of existing device, further improve the quality of operation, reduce the manufacturing cost; Fifth, strengthen intellectual property protection and brand protection. 

Only in accordance with the scientific planning and rational development, accelerate the transformation of production mode, adhere to the innovation-driven, scientific development, the fluorine chemical industry can have a bright future. 

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