The transformation of domestic fluorine chemical industry needs many forces

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As one of the new chemical materials industry, fluorine chemical industry is called the gold industry. Fluorine chemical products, with its chemical resistance, high and low temperature resistance, ageing resistance, low friction, insulation and other excellent performance, widely used in the military-industrial complex, chemical industry, machinery, and other fields, has become in the chemical industry has developed rapidly, the development potential extremely the strategic emerging industries. "China's fluorine chemical industry" twelfth five-year "development plan is put forward, by 2015, all kinds of fluorine chemical products in China can output will reach 4.5 million tons, the high-end products in the proportion to 20%, fluorine chemical industry output value of 150 billion yuan. 


In the process of rapid development, China's fluorine chemical industry also exposed some problems. At present our country has thousands of fluorine chemical industry enterprises, including fluorine alkane, containing fluorine polymer, inorganic fluoride, containing fluorine meticulous chemicals, fluorine materials processing, such as full fluorine chemical industry chain has been basically formed, fluorite, hydrogen fluoride, aluminum fluoride, ptfe, as, HFC, fluorine rubber fluorine chemical products such as production capacity and production was located in the world. But due to backward technology level and lack of product innovation capability, industry low weight After construction is serious, disorderly to expand capacity, resulting in fluorite resource consumption too fast, such as serious influence the sustainable development of the industry. The fluorine chemical enterprises are mainly concentrated in the upstream of the industrial chain, the basic fluorine chemical products are large, the industrial structure and the product structure contradictions are outstanding. 


Based on this, to achieve their goals "twelfth five-year" development planning, the fluorine chemical industry must revolve around the theme of the transformation, optimization, innovation, pays special attention to the structure adjustment, promote transformation and upgrading of industry, and the composite refinement, lightweight, and energy conservation, environmental protection, recycling economy development direction. 


So how to promote industrial restructuring and upgrading? The author suggested that the industry association should actively exert the coordination function, accelerate the develop the detailed fluorine chemical industry development, rapid forming accord with China's national conditions and characteristics of fluorine chemical industry policy system and management system, to better solve the industrial policy, environmental protection in the face 


Regulations, international trade and other restrictive factors; Two is to accelerate the elimination of the inferior quality, environmental pollution backward product and process, to enhance scientific and technological innovation ability and cultivate high quality talent team, a more preferential policies, the shock excitation and promote fluorine chemical industry to refinement, differentiation, characterization, high-end development, enhances the core competitiveness of the industry. Three is a scientific orientation, reasonable layout of the park construction, increase the intensity of fluorite resources conservation and intensive mining, with strong economic and technological exchanges and cooperation, create a complementary advantages, a reasonable and orderly, the coexistence of a development environment; Four is aimed at the world technological frontier to vigorously develop new environmental friendly refrigerants, ptfe, poly (vinylidene fluoride, fep, containing fluorine meticulous chemicals such as extending industrial chain, rich product line. 


Fuxin city of liaoning is the cradle of fluorine chemical development in China, and has a history of 40 years. The fuxin fluorine chemical industry development planning ", based on the local region, resources and technology advantages, a clear focus on developing fluorine alkane and fluoropolymer mainstream fluorine chemical products, such as supporting the development of basic chemical products, promote development of the overall thinking way of containing fluorine meticulous chemicals. At present, the area of 20 square kilometers of liaoning fuxin fluorine chemical industry base facilities is complete, a number of well-known enterprises at home and abroad successively, a group of refinement, differentiation, high-end fluorine chemical products are shaped into, a batch of new environmental protection refrigerants, aluminium chloride and other fine fluoride products to market. 


Since this year, domestic fluorine chemical industry as a whole slowed, and the fuxin fluorine chemical industry buck the trend, so far the fluorine chemical industry the main economic index rose more than 100%, fuxin make billions of fluorine in China are the road under foot. Fuxin fluorine chemical industry development road, not necessarily is the industry can pass model, but there is no lack of revelation and reference significance. 

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