Development of domestic and foreign film structure industry

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1. Development of international film structure industry 

At present, the famous production enterprises of the worldwide membrane structure are mainly concentrated in the United States, Japan and Germany and other developed countries. Most of the famous production enterprises have the ability to develop, design and produce the whole business chain mode. As the main material of membrane structure, the market mainly consists of PVC film, PVF membrane, PVDF, PTFE and even the latest ETFE film. 

These materials production, manufacturing and production, the most in the world's leading manufacturers and enterprises representative and industry leading type is in the United States: ASATI and ARIZON, Europe: France Ferrari (Ferrari), Germany m le du Ken (Mehler), Germany (Duraskin); Japan sun industries co., LTD., Japan. In this paper, we present a general introduction and analysis of the current development of international film structure industry. 

ASATI 1.1 the United States 

ASATI corporation is one of the world's largest companies of membrane structure construction. The company was founded in 1959. ASATI company has an extremely powerful membrane structure design and production capacity, and the products are mainly gas-filled membrane structure architecture. ASATI is also the world's first manufacturer of inflatable membrane structures. In 1963, ASATI company then CEO: Mr Dan Fraioli designed for a tennis court and presided over built the first inflatable membrane structure canopy roof, a move that makes the whole sports, leisure and entertainment industry for the widespread use of inflatable tent has more understanding. Five years later, in 1968, Mr. Fraioli introduced the first automatic control of the electrical safety network system, which was used in a membrane structure track and field at Harvard University. 

After entering the 1990 s, ASATI products toward military aspects involved, the original product was in the gas filled membrane structure building's tent was used to cover military radar antenna, then ASATI technical engineer is committed to the development of pneumatic membrane structure architecture richer, more in-depth business value, applied in industry, agriculture, leisure, entertainment and so on a broader area. ASATI proudly describes itself as a leader in the global inflatable membrane industry. 

Since its inception, ASATI has owned intellectual property and presided over the construction of more than 5000 inflatable membrane structures. The company and Mr. Fraioli have won a number of engineering awards, including the international fabric federation IFAI, AIA of the American institute of architects, and a special award from the American association of campus administrators. 


ARIZON is the company that specializes in the production of membrane structure products under ARIZON group, and ARIZON is one of the few enterprises in the worldwide membrane structure that provide full line products. They provide the tensioned membrane structure and pneumatic membrane structure building products, steel frame to the air circulation system, air handling system automatic control system and the design of overall structure prestressed whole business products and consulting services. 

ARIZON boasts the most powerful technology and design team in North America, which can help customers around the world create bigger, more comfortable, cheaper living, living and working environments. 2000 years later, the air circulation system, air handling systems and pneumatic membrane structure construction of the series of products are in the top in the world, especially their air circulation system, first in the world. ARIZON owns all the intellectual property rights of its products. 

The main technologies of Arizon include: 

A. Inflatable membrane structure: exclusive gas bearing structure design patent; 

B. architecture: patented technology of steel core aluminum supporting structure; 

C. Tensile membrane structure: the patented technology of fabric membrane and cable network structure; 

Arizon has a global exclusive patent for the composite textile products of a high tension polyester fiber and tensile strength greater than steel. 


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