Mesh belt

Aramid mesh belt

Aramid mesh belt

Product nameColor, characteristicBase Weight(g/㎡)
Weight(g/㎡)±3%Tensile strength of finished products(N/5cm)±5%
G007KYellowish aramid double weft fabric41757033002300

Pure Kevlar Teflon mesh belt, is a exotic vocabulary, which use PTFE emulsion as raw materials, high performance and net cloth impregnated cave, is a high-performance, multi-purpose composite materials of new products, this product is made of high strength Kevlar as substrate, warp and weft strength is very high, suitable for some special areas of high demand.

Because of the excellent properties of mesh belt, it has been widely used in papermaking, food, environmental protection, printing and dyeing, clothing, chemical, glass, medicine, electronics, insulation, grinding wheel, machinery etc.

Product appearance: golden yellow, 4 x 4 net hole, large width of 4.1 meters.

Mesh Belt has the following characteristics:

1. It is used for low temperature -70 C and high temperature 260 C, with climate resistance and aging resistance.

2. It is not easy to adhere to any substance. It is easy to clean all kinds of oil stains, stains or other attachments on the surface, and almost all adhesive materials such as paste, resin and paint can be easily removed.

3. Due to varieties of mesh, the mesh belt has a very strong permeability. The permeability of the conveyor belt, can reduce heat consumption, and improve drying efficiency;

4. The stability of the size is good (the elongation coefficient is less than 5 per thousand) and the strength is high. It has good mechanical properties.

The main use of Teflon mesh belt:

Suitable for dyeing and printing industry flat drying machine, dryer machine conveyor belt conveyor belt; overheating; flocking production line conveyor belt conveyor belt; far infrared dryer; drying production line, screen printing, electronic circuit board industry belt; printing industry UV machine, UV light solid machine conveyor belt; coating machine, packaging materials industry gluing machine, compound machine conveyor belt; garment industry shrink belt forming machine; drying production line conveyor belt and other food industry.

Teflon mesh belt mesh are: 0.5 x 1, 1 x 1, 2 x 2.5, 4 x 4, 10 x 10.

The color is dominated by coffee and black, and the special products are yellow, white and blue.

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