Building membrane

Shed membrane materials

Shed membrane materials

Structure -- a variety of high-strength thin film materials and components, through a certain way, causes a certain pretensioning stress inside the body, so as to form a spatial form as a form of space structure that covers the structure and can withstand certain external loads.

Corrosion resistance, Fire resistanceAnti aging

FabricPolyesterglass fibre
2kN/5cm Above3kN/5cm Above
Self cleaningcommonlyexcellent
B2 B1
Anti agingPoor, variable colorFine, lasting white
Service life6-10 yearsMore than 25 years

1.PTFE membrane structures are mostly permanent buildings. The PTFE film is in the ultra-fine glass fiber fabric, coated with PTFE resin as material, is a kind of polymer composite material, has good mechanical properties, better than steel strength and aging resistance of excellence, excellent anti bending strength, film color is usually white, high transmittance. The biggest feature of PTFE film is durability, fireproof and antifouling.

2.PTFE film properties:

1) Durability: The PTFE membrane is stable to Acid, Alkali, and ultraviolet, not easy to crack or color fading. The safe service life of PTFE membrane can be 50 years.             

2) Fire-Retardency: PTFE membrane can meet nearly all the standard of fire-retardency materials testing. Can replace other roof materials to be used as building materials.       

3) Soil-Resistance: Since the friction coefficient of PTFE membrance is very low, it is not easy to be polluted. Substance adsived to the PTFE membrance can be cleaned by rainwater.                                               

4) Self-cleaning Property: PETE membrance has the self-cleaning property, and can guarantee the safe service life.                                                                                               

5) Economy: Since the PTFE membrane has light transmittance, in day time, it can reduce the the time and strenght of lighting, to save the light energy; At night, the gorgeous landscape casted by colorful lights transmittance can be good advertisement.

6) Short production cycle: All the process of the PTFE membrane are completed in manufacture plant, it can reduce the project lead time. to avoid the construction cross, compared with traditional project lead time.

3. The usage of PTFE film material:

Application of PTFE membrane structure widely, such as sports architecture; exhibition buildings; entertainment building and toll station facilities; the theater buildings and facilities; industrial facilities; traffic at the airport buildings and facilities; coastal recreation parks, buildings and facilities; green architecture; channel, entrance, roofing and so on.

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